Welcome to Dungeon Crawler’s Club!

We’re a charitable organization helping to create the next generation of leaders through the social skills gained through tabletop gaming. Tabletop games use physical figurines, player-constructed maps and terrain, and dice to determine the outcome of a game. Players must cooperate along with the storyteller, the Dungeon Master, to create a story based around characters they themselves make and play.

Why tabletop gaming?

Tabletop gaming requires that the player use a combination of basic reading skills, basic mathematics, and critical thinking to visualize problems and find solutions cooperatively in real time. Tabletop games help encourage creativity and independence by allowing players to take on a role where they are responsible for continuing the story.

Tabletop games also foster leadership and communication skills between players in a party. The party often has to work together to accomplish goals to continue the campaign – very few challenges can be completed alone.

Tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons have evolved over decades with hundreds of thousands of players worldwide and are based off a system of rules that the players and the storyteller construct themselves for each campaign.

How can I help?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for information on how to join our club, or how to join one of our campaigns. Share our website with your friends and family so that more people can learn about our leadership program.